Sonos Home Entertainment System


Whether you want to fill your house or just the smallest corner with music you enjoy, Digital Express use the Sonos music system to provide you with brilliant sound wherever you require in your home. 

The Sonos music systems connect via your existing home wifi solution, so installation is easy, hassle free and can be customised to suit your requirements.

Once installed the Sonos music solution is easy and simple to control using an app installed on your phone.  

Woman controlling Sound system
Family Dancing to Sound System

Digital Express  can design and specify the perfect Sonos music system for your home or workplace while our fully trained engineers are experts in installing, configuring and maintaining your Sonos music system.

Take a look here to get an idea on how the system works and how we can help fill your house with your favourite music.

Whether you need a new system or are having issues with an older system, Digital Express can provide service and support.